Automatically Connect to Friends' Wi-Fi Networks

Our unique technology allows you to automatically connect to your friends' Wi-Fi networks without ever touching your phone!


Share Your Wi-Fi Network with friends' & family

Next time the family visits or friends stop over simply share your Wi-Fi network with the click of a button.


Request Access to Friends'
Wi-Fi Networks

Next time you walk into a friend's house simply request access and connect to their network within seconds.


Features Available with Wi-Fi Wallet


Clean, Easy-to-Use Design

A clean interface makes Wi-Fi Wallet easy to understand and simple to use.


Manage your Wi-Fi networks

Add, delete, and configure your network settings to share with those you trust.


Easy to Share

Share your Wi-Fi manually or allow it to automatically connect your friends!


Reliable Help & Support

We are available 24/7/365 for your support.


"Everyone at work always forgets the Wi-Fi password so I just tell them to use Wi-Fi Wallet."

Nick Wilson, San Fransisco, CA

"My mom has no idea how to work her phone, but Wi-Fi Wallet is so easy use even she has no problem using it."

Marie Smith, Washington DC

"I hate going over my data limit. I use Wi-Fi Wallet to offload onto my friends' Wi-Fi networks and save money."

Scott Marks, Miami, FL

"I hate searching for my Wi-Fi password on some sticky note. It's so easy to just sync it with Wi-Fi Wallet."

Matt Johnson, Kansas City, MO

Meet the founder

Building apps aren't about being acquired or making money....
Building apps are about solving problems to make people's lives easier.

Reynold Krieg / Los Angeles, CA



"Every time my friends come over they're automatically connected to my network...and every time I go to one of their houses I automatically connect to theirs.  We're friends - this is how it should work! "